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One quick note. Some of the documentation has become out of date with the addition of several releases of UberJS for various Solaris versions. The documentation is most compatible with the Solaris 9-08/03 release. There may be slight variations from other versions. Looking at the appropriate mkuber script is a good supplement.

The fastest way to get up and running with UberJS is to follow these steps:

On your Sparc Solaris Machine:

1. Download the appropriate mkuber script for your version of Solaris.
  • Solaris 9 - 12/03 here
  • Solaris 9 - 08/03 here
  • Solaris 8 - 02/04 here
2. Place the Solaris V1 CD in your Sun machine's CD drive.

3. Create a working directory for your CD image. eg /MySolarisCD

4. Run: mkuber /MySolarisCD Standard

5. If needed, follow the directions in Solaris9BootableCD to remount the image and create all needed configuration files as per ImplementingUberJS.

6. With the built cd in hand, follow the directions in UsingUberJS


mkuber is a script that will extract all of the media from the original Solaris CD into your working directory and then download the latest version of uberjs-exec, rcS, sysidfind, etc from the website and puts everything in place. mkuber will leave you with the most basic configuration, all values will be promted for unless you create additional configuration files.

All of these scripts -should- work on a newer version of JumpStart considering how little the scripts have changed between other versions, but as of this website update, all scripts are based on Sparc Solaris 9 08/03 release and earlier with Solaris 9 12/03 support not fully tested. Should Sun make a new release, we will update and do the necessary testing at our option.

Also worth noting is that all of UberJS is oriented for Sparc Solaris, no attempt has been made for Intel Solaris. Little to huge amounts of modification may be required.

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