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UberJS Standard
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What is UberJS?

To begin, UberJS is short for Uber JumpStart, which is a funny term we originally coined for Linux Kickstart with our UberKS system. In short, UberJS is a method we devised to be able to bypass the rarpd/bootparamd requirements of a networked JumpStart boot and replace those requirements with prompting and automation.

The UberJS process creates a bootable Sun CD which, using some basic configuration files, can get the installing machine up on the network and connected to the JumpStart server via NFS without all of the hassles of the RARPD/BOOTPARAMD method. Almost all of the configuration files are completely optional, but the more information you provide the more unattended the installation becomes, and a completely unattended installation is possible.

The need arose when we were trying to do JumpStarts across subnets and the routers would not pass RARPD/BOOTPARAMD information across the networks which caused the need for a Linux JumpStart laptop. Optionally, we could have used Solaris X86, but the lack of good PCMCIA support (for ethernet cards) among other things lead us to use RedHat Linux. The system works, but there are subtle differences between Sun's daemons and the Linux style daemons. Sun supports some non-standard extensions. In any case, part of the hassle is creating symlinks in the tftpboot directory from the kernel to a file with the booting systems mac address. Maintaining the laptop and continually modifying the configuration files proved to be a hassle.

UberJS was our solution. It also happens to eliminate the need for rarpd and bootparamd running on your jumpstart server. Simply having an NFS server with the Solaris media and configuration files is enough. Granted proper access, one could build a system anywhere on the Internet using UberJS without need of a JumpStart server present on your local network. Administrators could mail a CD to a remote site and allow them to rebuild from a central server. There are many possibilities for UberJS, many are provided for in our current code, and many are not. Future updates may include other options, but this code is intended merely as a gateway to your own modifications. We have tried to comment and document as much as possible so that you may dive right in and make any modifications yourself. We may consider adding your ideas to UberJS and our website, but it was designed primarily for on-site use here at Iowa State and once our needs are met, development will pause until more needs arise. If you have an idea for a feature and want to share it here, email us at the link below and we will consider developing it. 

News and updates:

Note: Solaris 9 12/03 and Solaris 8 02/04 editions are in testing/development

I have currently edited files for 9-12/03 and 8-02/04 editions the way it looks like they should work. Basically plugging code into the new locations where the same thing happens. It doesn't look like sun really changed anything major other than adding wanboot, but there's no guarantee whether the code will work. Currently not tested.

Also noteworthy is that Solaris 8 02/04 seems to be redone in the style of Solaris 9 08/03, with the slice 1 link in Tools/Boot on slice 0. Also, there is near zero difference in the rcS and sysidfind files aside from a cpu compatibility message. Solaris 8 is partially tested currently, the 02/04 release has not been tested at all. Someone has used the uberjs-sol8-mini-exec successfully on a slightly modified older version of solaris 8. It might need tweaking for your use. The standard uberjs-exec may work as well.

New features added to UberJS and bugfixes
IMPORTANT: please see this document for information regarding important changes to UberJS

UberJS Quick Start documentation - here
Using UberJS, what to do with the finished CD - UberJS documentation here

Preliminary SysAdmin Magazine Article Text - UberJS documentation here
How to implement the UberJS system one file at a time - UberJS documentation (similar content to the SysAdmin article) here
How to create/extract a solaris CD - Solaris9BootableCD documentation here
How to create a solaris+redhat boot CD - UnixStart documentation here
How to create a solaris+anythingintel CD - ClueStart documentation here
The JumpStart Boot Process - a quick reference of all the major scripts involved in JumpStart and which scripts they call here

UberJS Files
uberjs-exec script is available here, also the bulk of the documentation is in the comments of this file
uberjs-sol8-mini-exec is available here - partially tested, note this is not the file pulled by mkuber.

08/03 sysidfind script is available here
08/03 rcS script is available here
12/03 sysidfind script is available here
12/03 rcS script is available here
Solaris 8 02/04 sysidfind script is available here
Solaris 8 02/04 rcS script is available here
wget solaris binary to copy onto /.tmp_proto/uberjs is here

UberJS Automation Related Files
08/03 mkuber available here here
12/03 mkuber available here here
Solaris 8 02/04 mkuber available here here
makes a basic UberJS Standard/Server working directory from a sun CD. See QuickStart documentation for more info.
mkiso script available here here - makes boot isos for sun+intel or just sun

mkiso Related Files
memdisk executable is available here
isolinux.cfg.append text is available here

MD5 Sums
MD5 Sums of all files are available here

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