Accessing your CLUE email account

Every user with a CLUE account also has a CLUE email address, which is your This email can be accessed via the web mail page at or with an email client. Your CLUE Mail account is NOT the same as your campus WebMail account.

Forwarding your Acropolis mail to CLUE

If you do decide to use your CLUE email account for your regular email, you would probably want to have Acropolis forward your email to your address. To do this, log in to Acropolis (e.g. telnet

chpobox -s

Where 'username' is your CLUE username (In general, CLUE usernames are identical to Acropolis usernames).

NOTE: If you forward your Acropolis email from to, you should still advertise as your campus email address.

Accessing your CLUE mail with a stand alone client:

CLUE Email uses the IMAP protocol over SSL encryption. Almost all popular email applications support this protocol, including Eudora, Outlook Express, Apple Mail App, and many others.

Server information

Incoming mail server:

Incoming mail server protocol: IMAP over SSL using plain-text authentication

Outgoing mail server:

Outgoing mail server protocol: SMTP with no authentication (logins)

Server-side filtering

CLUE mail supports server-side filters so you do not have to configure a filter for every one of your email clients. Filters can be set up using the web based mail utility at After you log in to CLUE Mail, you will see a Filters option at the top of the page. The mail filter editing tool is fairly self-explanatory. If you experience problems configuring your mail filters, contact

Server-side SPAM filtering using the campus Perl-MX spam gauges

All mail sent to is routed through the Iowa State University campus anti-spam and anti-virus filters. ISU uses the PerlMX tool to insert a special email header that gauges the likelihood that the email is SPAM. (For more info on ISU's campus anti-spam filtering, see Using Filters to Sort E-mail ). If you wish, you can create a filter in CLUE Mail that processes mail according to this email header. For instance, you may wish to have mail with a PerlMX Gauge of "XXXXX" (five X's) be deposited automatically into a folder called SPAM. To do this:

Log in to CLUE Mail at

Start by creating a folder called SPAM using the Folders tool. Create this folder as a sub-folder of INBOX.

Select the Filters option at the top CLUE Mail page after you have logged in.

Select the Add a New Rule button at the bottom of the page.

In the New Rule Wizard - Step 1 of 4: Rule Type page, select Header Type. Go to Step 2.

On the page New Rule Wizard - Step 2 of 4: Condition, change the first condition so that the header X-Perlmx-Spam: contains Gauge=XXXXX. Go to Step 3.

On the page New Rule Wizard - Step 3 of 4: Action, set the action to move message into the existing folder SPAM. Go to Step 4.

If the rule looks ok, select Finished.

Your pending list of rules should be displayed. IMPORTANT! The SPAM filter you write should normally be the last message in your rule list if you have any preceding filter rules. If you need to move a rule up or down in precedence, use the up or down arrows next to the rule on the pending rules list.

Once your pending rules look ok, be sure to select the Save Changes button to activate your pending rules.