CLUE user chat

The CLUE network provides a 'jabber' chat server for use by students, faculty, and staff. Jabber is an open-source equivalent to other popular instant messengers such as AIM and ICQ. All CLUE users automatically have an account on the CLUE chat server. Just use your normal CLUE or ISU login and password to connect.

Along with instant messaging, CLUE chat also provides a multi-user group chat forum. Here students can get talk directly to CLUE administrators and each other in an open forum. Please note that sending email to is still the 'official' means of getting CLUE support. The jabber server is always secondary. Support requests made on Jabber but not may never be heard.

The CLUE chat server is bound by the Iowa State Code of Ethics. It is for educational use only.

How to connect to the CLUE chat server

There are many jabber clients available. We recommend PSI for UNIX and Exodus for Windows. Below you will find a guide for connecting using the PSI client. The same principles can be used with Exodus and the other clients as well.

PSI is already installed on most Sun Solaris machines in the CLUE network, and will be appearing on Windows lab machines soon.

Connecting to CLUE chat with PSI:

If PSI is not already installed on your PC, download PSI for windows from the download page above. Make sure you also download the SSL encryption module.

After unzipping PSI to any folder on your computer, start the PSI program. You will be greeted with this screen.

Click on profiles, then click "New" In the "Profile Name" box, enter your user name. Check "Enable emoticons" if you like.

You will go back to the login screen, your profile should be listed. click "open" The "add account" window will appear. In name enter your full name. Leave "register new account" unchecked. (All CLUE users automatically have an account) The account properties box will appear. Under host enter "" Check the "use SSL encryption" box and the "use plaintext login" box as well. In username enter your CLUE or ISU username. We do not recommend putting your password in the "save password" field, but that is up to you. Make sure to check that the host port has been changed to 5223

Click the "save" button. The main jabber dialog will appear, you can go online by clicking the button marked "offline" and selecting "online" You will be prompted for your CLUE password. After going online the first time, you will be prompted with a user registration box. We recommend at least entering your Full name. Click the "publish" button, then click "close" to close the registration window.

You are now online with the CLUE jabber server. You can add other CLUE users by click on the PSI menu, and then select "add a contact". Under "Jabber ID" enter their CLUE username followed by

Joining the CLUE chat

Click on the PSI menu and select "Join Groupchat" At the Join Groupchat window, enter for the host, and CLUE as the room. You can enter any nickname you like, however we recommend using your CLUE username to avoid confusion. Click on the "Join" button to connect.